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Orbitus ED Orbit Manipulator Tool

Version 1.2



  1. MATLAB version 7.5
    (R2007b) or higher

  1. Platform: Mac, Windows,
    or Linux

Only $28.95

Orbitus ED MATLAB Celestial Mechanics and Satellite Orbit Analysis Tool and GUI

Orbit Mechanics and Manipulation

Orbitus ED is a graphical user interface (GUI) written in MATLAB accomplished at displaying satellite orbits,
orbit transfers, rendezvous, as well as generating usable data associated with these trajectories and maneuvers.

This software is a perfect tool for engineering, physics, and astronomy students and professors of introductory orbital mechanics.  It is also an excellent tool for use in industry for quick visualizations and analysis of satellite orbits. 

The user interface is intuitive and powerful. It takes only seconds to generate a satellite ground track or trajectory with the stunning graphics usually reserved for expensive commercial tools.

Students of orbit mechanics have found this software especially useful in their attempts to visualize the three-dimensional attributes of orbits.

Teachers have found that using Orbitus ED as part of their instruction greatly enhances the student experience and quick understanding of this challenging subject. Example homework problems using Orbitus ED have been found to be beneficial to students of all ages!